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Expod ​​- 20mg NS500 - Disposable Pod

Expod ​​- 20mg NS500 - Disposable Pod

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The EXPOD NS500 disposable e-cigarette is equipped with a 400 mAh battery. This offers so much power that it is sufficient for 500 puffs. The existing liquid is comparable to an amount of about 40 cigarettes. The disposable e-cigarette is filled with 2 ml liquid and 20 mg nicotine salt. The nicotine content is therefore 2%. The advantage here is that the nicotine is absorbed more quickly by the body and the craving for nicotine can be reduced more quickly.

The output voltage of the e-cigarette is 3.6 volts and it has a total size of 104 x 16 mm, so it is extremely handy and can be easily stowed in your pocket. With a weight of only 25g you hardly notice it. It is available in a total of 12 different flavors, so there is something for every taste. You can choose between sweet, tart and particularly refreshing variations.

As this is a disposable e-cigarette, it cannot be refilled or recharged. As soon as you have used up your Vozol Bar, you can dispose of it properly and replace it with a new one.
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