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Elf Bar Elfa Podset

Elf Bar Elfa Podset

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Are you familiar with disposable vapes or disposables, but don't want to throw them away again and again? Then the Elf Bar is Elfa Pod  Kit system just right for you.

Elf Bar's Elfa Pod Kit System  retains its beautiful disposable design. The big difference is that this system is rechargeable and the pre-filled pod is replaceable. The annoying refilling is also eliminated because Elf Bar  provides pre-filled pods for the Elfa Pod systems. So you can see all the advantages that a disposable also has in the new Elfa Pod System. The only thing you have to do is change the pod when your liquid is empty and charge the device every now and then for about 30 minutes. Charging takes place via USB type C. This means that you no longer have to dispose of the battery.

The filled pods have a capacity of 2 ml and are therefore sufficient for approx. 600 puffs. The pods provide you with an authentic MTL feeling and offer you the same feeling when vaping as the Elf Bar Disposable Pod Systems  . So you have no feeling of conversion. And instead of a new disposable e-cigarette  by Eleven Bar  you now get the pre-filled pods  for your Elfa. With a fabulous 13 different tastes, you definitely have something for you. The pre-filled pods  are available in sealed packs of 2.

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