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Dicode's Dani Box Mini

Dicode's Dani Box Mini

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Dicodes has long been known for their high-quality devices with their own chipset. These are particularly well suited for temperature-controlled vaping and are completely made in Germany.

With the mini version of the Dani Box, which takes an 18650 battery cell (not included), now comes with the revised Dicodes chipset. This now brings a whole 80W of power. All modes known from Dicodes can also be found on this device. Furthermore, all known temperature wires can be used, which, as is usual with Dicodes, very quickly bring an ingenious vaping experience without major adjustments.

The bright OLED display is still on the top of the device. The arrangement of the buttons remains the same on the page, with which all settings and vaping are very pleasant.

The Dani Box Mini is available in various colors, so you are sure to find the right one.

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