short fill

Shortfill is a variant of e-liquid that comes in a larger than usual bottle, usually a 60ml or 120ml bottle. However, the bottle is not completely filled with e-liquid, only to a certain point, usually up to about 80% of the bottle volume. The rest of the volume is left blank to leave room for the user to add nicotine shots or base.

The reason short fill e-liquids were developed is that the EU introduced a restriction on the size of nicotine shots. As a result, manufacturers can no longer sell e-liquids with a high nicotine content in bottles larger than 10 ml. Shortfill e-liquids allow users to add their own nicotine shots or base to achieve their desired nicotine levels.

Short fill e-liquids come in a variety of flavors and flavors and are very popular with many vapers as they offer an inexpensive way to purchase larger quantities of e-liquid. Most manufacturers recommend filling the short-fill bottle with a nicotine shot or base until it is completely full, and then shaking the bottle well before pouring the e-liquid into the e-cigarette or vaporizer tank.

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